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The Science of Sound

"Only those who undertake something with true passion can achieve perfection in what they do. We believe in this. And that´s why the Magnat logo is more than just a brand distinction. It´s a promise. Every one of our products is developed with great passion at the company´s headquarters in Pulheim/Germany. With exceptional care, according to scientific methods and with the decades of experience accumulated by our highly qualified engineers."

Shandro Fischer and Mark Finger, Managing Director


In terms of mater-of-fact frequency measurement, the individual listening test and the fine balance between price and performance. We are proud of this harmonious triad because it clearly shows that measuring and listening are not a contradiction in terms but can, rather, go hand in hand - and that all of this doesn´t have to cost a fortune, but can be affordable for every audiophile listener. For this reason, Magnat products are, with regard to both quality and price/performance ratio, always at the forefront of our industry.
Our development laboratory is one of the most modern in Europe and operates exclusively in accordance with the highest scientific and acoustic standards. We use the most modern technologies in the development and production processes. All that´s missing then for the perfect result is a real passion for sound - and all of our Magnat staff have more than enough of that. In this way, we ensure that our customers get the optimum blend of captivating sound and stylish design in one unique, high-quality product. That´s what we call "The Science of Sound".