Ueber uns symbiose aus technik und design

Symbiosis of technology and design

"Speaking of acoustic products, good design always means to combine solid scientific evidence and technical conditions with ergonomic design. Our task is to allocate as much space to the mechanics and technology as they need for the development of perfect sound. That’s why for loudspeakers and headphones we always abide by the everlasting principle of good product design: form follows function."

Helmut Thiele, Produkt-Desginer


There are companies that put design above everything else. If a loudspeaker chassis does not fit into the extravagant enclosure, it is normally the technology that is adapted and not the design. Not so as Magnat! The motto that applies for us in the development process is that the necessary technology forms the essential foundation on which a loudspeaker is built. Those familiar with our products know that we still attach great importance to aesthetic appearance: After the hardware engineers have defined the outline conditions, we design a unique exterior for each product and range that makes it clearly identifiable as coming from Magnat.

With this philosophy, we ensure that, in relation to sound quality, not even the smallest of compromises are made in favour of the design. "The Science of Sound" is our guiding principle, and a look at our portfolio clearly shows that focusing on the perfect sound does not have to mean making compromises in terms of aesthetics: We provide each of our loudspeakers with an equally elegant and functional shell in which it can optimally develop its acoustic qualities. In every price category, we offer attractive packages that combine design and technology in a harmonious way.


Loudspeakers move air in order to produce sound. To do this, they also have to move themselves - and very quickly and, sometimes, with strong deflections. At the same time, however, they should also reproduce every signal with precision and free of distortion. Needed for this are high enclosure rigidity and the minimum possible resonance. Once you are aware of these principles of high-quality audio reproduction, it quickly becomes clear that a solid mechanical basic structure is the key to every outstanding loudspeaker. We follow this principle throughout every development stage.


As already mentioned, this does not mean that we don´t care about the look of our loudspeakers. Quite the opposite: Once the outline conditions are in place, our designers can give free rein to their creativity in order to give our products the stylish, purist appearance they are so well-known for. This includes – if the technical specifications allow – changes to the shape of the enclosure, such as rounded edges, or experimenting with surface material and colours. A popular hallmark of our loudspeakers is, for example, the contrast between the loudspeaker body and chassis. Here, our designers like to take advantage of the possibility to create a striking appearance wihout negatively affecting the acoustic qualities.