Interior ICQ 62 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

2-way high-end recessed speaker

  • Ceiling loudspeaker for precise and detailed reproduction
  • High-quality crossover with triple level adjustment for the treble and mid-ranges
  • High-end 25 mm fabric tweeter for maximum impulse fidelity
  • Swivel tweeter up to 35° for precise locatability
  • 160 mm woofer with torsion-resistant ceramic-aluminium membrane

2-way high-end recessed speaker

This built-in ceiling loudspeaker with particularly high-quality workmanship follows all the major parameters of Magnat´s Quantum technology. Just like the classic home-audio boxes, the ICQ 62 has also been equipped with bass/mid-range cones made from highly stable and torsion-resistant ceramic-aluminium. This material results in extremely accurate reproduction and reveals even the finest of acoustic details.

All the high frequencies are reproduced through a coated fabric dome tweeter delivering highest pulse fidelity and freedom from distortion. Also, a complex crossover is responsible for precisely distributing the high and low frequencies.

Einzelproduktslider Interior Quantum 4

Convenient mounting without screws.

The clamping mechanism in the nterior Quantum´s frame guarantees simple and quick installation in walls and ceilings.

Einzelproduktslider Interior Quantum 3

Adaptable 35° swivel tweeter

The 35° swivel tweeters enable both 2-way coaxial systems ICQ 62 and 82 to be adapted to individual requirements very easily with regard to their dispersion characteristics in the living room. Which means that it is possible to achieve highly transparent sound even in difficult installation situations.

Technical Specifications


2-way in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker


1" tweeter 160 mm woofer

Power Handling (RMS/Max.)

100 / 180 watts

Sensitivity (2.8V/1m)

90 dB


4 Ohms

Frequency Response

34 – 26000 Hz

Crossover Frequencies

3800 Hz

Recommended Amplifier Output

20 - 200 Watts

Outer Dimensions Ø

220 mm

Cutting Out Ø

193 mm

Mounting depth

98 mm


1.3 kg



  • Special clamping mechanism for easy installation
  • Moisture-proof speaker system, suitable for use in humid rooms (bathroom)
  • High-End in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker


  • Crossover with high-quality components and 3 settings for tweeter and midrange level


  • Gold-plated push terminal

Loudspeaker Drivers

  • Tweeter with Swivel technology (can be turned by 35°)
  • Long-throw rubber surround for maximum excursion
  • Exclusive aluminium design protection grille
  • Coated silk soft dome tweeter
  • Low-resonance aluminium woofer cone with hairline finish

Cabinet Surface

  • white