Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX Surround Sound Speakers


  • Outstanding surround sound in cinema quality thanks to the dipole design
  • Two high-performance 42 mm dome tweeters in dipole configuration for authentic surround sound
  • Extremely powerful 17 cm woofer for punchy, dynamic surround sound reproduction
  • Flat trapezoid cabinet for practical wall mounting

High power performance with great spatial representation

One of the 42 mm tweeter cones is located on each sloping side at the centre of the powerful 17 cm subwoofers: The Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX follows the ideal structure of classic dipole speakers. The two tweeters are – as stipulated by THX® – connected together with reversed polarity to produce a diffuse, very three-dimensional soundscape. Because our cone operates in an extremely wide band, the Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX creates this desired diffuse sound field from as low as 1500 hertz. Despite its small size and moderate overall depth of just 16 centimetres, the effect speaker is capable of impressive sound levels - an important factor for the best cinema sound. And optimum installation is also child´s play thanks to the large number of wall-mounting options, including VESA brackets.


What do trade magazines say about this product?

Serienslider Cinema Ultra 22

Very spatial soundscape.

The Magnat Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX is the ideal rear speaker: Extremely powerful sound and high efficiency The loudspeaker generates a wide band and spatial sound field.

Serienslider Cinema Ultra 15

Identical drivers

The loudspeaker chassis in the front, centre and surround sound speakers are all absolutely identical, ensuring maximum acoustic homogeneity in the overall soundscape.

Technical Specifications


THX Ultra2-certified dipole surround Speaker 2 way, sealed


2 x 1.65" dome-tweeter 6.5“ woofer-midrange


150 / 240 watts


89 dB


4 – 8 Ohms


80 - 27.000 Hz


1.500 Hz


> 40 Watts


400 x 300 x 160 mm


7.6 kg



  • THX Ultra2-certified dipole surround Speaker
  • All of the chassis have been specially developed for the Cimema Ultra set in order to meet the very strict requirements of the THX Ultra2 standard
  • Enveloping surround soundscape without speaker localisation due to the special chassis layout
  • Specially tuned crossover for optimally diffuse sound emission according to the strict requirements of the THX Ultra2 standard
  • Top acoustic performance through individual components developed for high performance in all details
  • Markedly compact and flat enclosure for easy and unobtrusive integration into every home cinema system
  • Various wall-mounting options
  • Can also be used according to the THX Ultra2 guidelines as a rear surround dipole loudspeaker


  • Rigid ceramic/aluminum sandwich cone and dust cap for optimum precision
  • 8 screw fixings for firm anchoring in the baffle
  • Metal-Core-Technology
  • Flow-optimized, highly stable die-cast aluminium cage to avoid compression effects and resonances


  • Fine mesh cover grille for a dscreet look
  • Extremely large 42 mm high-performance polyfibre-compound cone
  • Multiple damped coupling volume for particularly low resonance frequency
  • Highly resilient precision voice coil on a ventilated aluminium support
  • Solid die-cast aluminium enclosure with large pole piece hole
  • Computer-optimized Waveguide front panel with integrated diffusor for optimum dispersion characteristics according to the strict THX Ultra2 standard
  • Extremely powerful neodymium annular magnet system for the highest efficiency and outstanding broadband capability


  • Single-wiring connection terminal with gold-plated, acrylic sealed terminals
  • Amplitude and phase-optimized crossover to meet the strict THX Ultra2 standard


  • Very stable, braced MDF enclosure with particularly low-resonance, 30 mm thick baffle
  • Sophisticated mounting system with numerous variations
    • Wall-fixing mountings according to the widespread VESA standard, hole pattern 100x200mm M4;
    • Stable metal brackets for wall mounting with silicone spacers;"
  • Removable fabric protection grille with optimum sound transmission and invisible magnet attachment
  • Cinema Ultra stealth design comprising: o offset baffle in a high-quality deep black silk matt lacquer finish o durable brushed-metal textured film in anthracite on the body o front panel and trim rings in matt black with a black chrome gloss ring o magnetically held cloth cover on a thin MDF frame o low-reflection metal logo in brushed titanium look
  • Closed housing for reproduction absolutely free of background noise at high levels according to the THX Ultra2 standard

Cabinet Surface

  • Front: black silk matt / body: textured film - anthracite