Active Subwoofers: Power Cable Replacement

Active Subwoofers: Power Cable Replacement

Dear MAGNAT friends,
the below-mentioned active subwoofers had been delivered with an inappropriate power cable. The provided power cable works absolutely fine with our subwoofers. Please do not use it with other technical devices!
If you want to exchange the power cable, please return it to us and we will be happy to provide you a new cable, that you can also use with other technical devices. Please note that we are talking about MAGNAT active subwoofers with these serial numbers

Monitor Supreme Sub 302A

1611MS302AB00001 - 1611MS302AB00320
1701MS302AB00001 - 1701MS302AB00160
1702MS302AB00001 - 1702MS302AB00048
1702MS302AB00065 - 1702MS302AB00128
1706MS302AB00001 - 1706MA302AB00046
1611MS302AM00017 - 1611MS302AM00096
1611MS302AM00113 - 1611MS302AM00128
1702MS302AM00001 - 1702MS302AM00080
1702MS302AM00129 - 1702MS302AM00160

Monitor Supreme Sub 202A

1702MS202AB00001 - 1702MS202AB00150
1706MS202AB00001 - 1706MA202AB00033
1701MS202AM00001 - 1701MS202AM00100
1702MS202AM00001 - 1702MS202AM00098
1706MS202AM00001 - 1706MA202AM00030

We will be at your disposal for any further questions. Please send an e-mail to

Your MAGNAT-Team