Compact all-rounder


Hi-res audio is venturing into the compact class with Magnat’s new MC 100 CD receiver. The Pulheim-based company has introduced a genuine all-rounder in a chassis measuring just 28 cm wide. With a high-quality CD drive, DAB tuner, FM tuner, digital inputs and Bluetooth® connectivity, Magnat has truly mastered the entire range of classic and modern media. The ability to play high-res formats up to 192 kHz and 24 bits makes the MC 100 a musical all-rounder with audiophile capabilities.

Pulheim, September 7, 2018 – The MR 780 hybrid receiver and the RV 4 hybrid integrated amplifier have founded a new generation of audiophile hi-fi devices at Magnat. This is the first time the Pulheim company has provided the classic virtues of its high-end hi-fi components - namely generously dimensioned components, a clean interior design and an elegant appearance - together with digital inputs and wireless streaming via Bluetooth. The new MC 100 CD receiver continues this trend and, what’s more, it also comes with coveted Hi-Res Audio certification.

Analog and digital audio in the highest resolution
The Hi-Res Audio certification is an exclusive award from the Japan Audio Society, which is given to audio components that are capable of processing signals that are of a higher resolution than a classic audio CD. Thanks to the enhanced digital fine resolution of the music signal, it reproduces the source material with even more precision than the classic silver disc. The MC 100 processes digital signals up to 192 kHz and 24 bits, which is far higher than a conventional audio CD. While this extremely fine sampling offers audible advantages, it also places higher demands on the processing and amplifying electronics. The Hi-Res Audio certification therefore also includes the analog amplifier section of the MC 100, which must be able to deliver the high-resolution signals to the connected speakers with the highest level of precision and with the bandwidth prescribed by Hi-Res Audio.

Solid amplifier performance with minimal paths
The compact dimensions of the MC 100 can also be advantageous, as its amplifier section, for example, is able to operate over particularly short distances. All of the parts that are responsible for carrying the signals are arranged as close to each other as possible, thereby guaranteeing minimal losses and fast response times. The large heat sink at the center of the MC 100 separates the audio section from the CD drive and transformer to minimize any kind of interference. The low-leakage toroidal transformer is generously dimensioned, as is the 20,000μF filtration capacity of the power supply unit. This solid basis allows the amplifier section of the MC 100 to generate its 35 watts of rated power per channel in an exceptionally stable manner. A whopping 70 watts of power is available per stereo channel for short pulses thanks to the resilient power supply unit. This output power means the MC 100 can comfortably provide all manner of shelf speakers and even some large floorstanding speakers with an optimum sound.

Open source: CD, DAB+, FM and Bluetooth® with aptXTM technology and more besides
As a modern receiver, Magnat’s MC 100 is clearly open source. While its high-quality CD drive with precision laser unit is intended for audio CDs first and foremost, it is also capable of playing MP3 and WMA CDs. Convenient functions such as random playback, repeat track and programming are naturally also included.
The Bluetooth input supports both the modern 4.0 standard and Qualcomm® aptX™ audio for the best possible sound quality from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Of course, the MC 100 also features two classic stereo inputs for analog sources. The unit is also equipped with an optical and coaxial digital input for digital sources such as televisions, streaming devices, etc. With regard to radio stations, the MC 100 is capable of receiving analogue, FM and digital DAB+ signals. The vast array of supported connections is complemented by a stereo fixed level output (rec out) and a subwoofer output for the optional connection of an active bass speaker. The front panel also accommodates a 3.5 mm analog input and a 6.3 mm headphone output.

Metal housing and solid aluminum front panel
What sounds good should also be packaged well. The sturdy full-metal housing and the solid, brushed aluminum front panel protect the internal high-quality electronics and account for the hefty 5.8 kilogram weight of the MC 100. Despite its variety of functions, the CD receiver doesn’t pose any problems when it comes to operation. An uncluttered front panel, which features clearly arranged buttons for the central functions and a practical push/turn controller, means it is extremely easy to operate. The beautiful dual-line display can be dimmed in three stages and provides lots of information for all of the operating modes. The unit is also supplied with a remote control, which allows the user to conveniently control all of the functions of the MC 100.
The Magnat MC 100 is available online and in stores now.