Magnat’s innovations; an offensive for 2018


Summer break? What summer break? While others were off on vacation, Magnat was further enhancing its portfolio of musical solutions with a whole host of new additions. Half a dozen new products are being introduced during the late summer period to showcase all nuances of music and movie audio. Newcomers include the compact MC 100 CD receiver with Hi-Res Audio certification, the Transpuls 1500 speaker, which is the legitimate successor to the legends of the same name from the 1980s, and two extremely musical Bluetooth speakers, namely Prime One and Prime Classic, which accentuate audio effects with an optimum selection of material and lots of high-tech features. For fans of a good movie soundtrack, there is the Soundbar SBW 200, which features an active, wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth capability. And then, of course, there is the first ever turntable from Magnat, the MTT 990, which has already been showcased at the High End exhibition. With selected technology such as a direct drive and 10-inch tonearm, it is more than likely to set the standard in its price class.

MC 100
Hi-res audio is venturing into the compact class with Magnat’s brand-new MC 100 CD receiver. The compact dimensions conceal a real all-rounder because, with its high-quality CD drive, a DAB and an FM tuner as well as Bluetooth, the MC 100 masters the complete range of classic and modern media. The ability to also play back High-Res formats up to 192 kHz and 24 bits makes the MC 100 a musical all-rounder with audiophile skills. All this is packed into an appealing exterior that also stands up to any comparison in terms of feel thanks to the authentic materials used. The high-quality CD drive of the MC 100 with its precision laser unit also supports MP3 CDs and WMA. CD text and MP3 information is shown conveniently on the display. On the tuner side, the MC 100 is equipped with both an analogue FM tuner as well as a digital DAB+ receiver, making it absolutely future-proof. The same is true for the Bluetooth interface, which supports the current 4.0 standard and guarantees the best possible playback quality via a smartphone, tablet or PC.
Magnat MC 100
Available from: Beginning of September
RRP: € 649

Transpuls 1500
Fans of the brand will be familiar with the name Transpuls from the 80s, when the ingenious Transpuls MP-X 101 came onto the market with its plasma tweeter. An impressive speaker is now being introduced in the shape of the new Transpuls 1500, which also scores highly thanks to its extremely interesting high-frequency technology. A double-compression horn with two 25 mm tweeter domes delivers excellent dynamics and an impressive degree of fidelity. A 17 cm midrange driver and a large 38 cm woofer round off the technical features of the classic 3-way speaker. With an efficiency rating of 95 dB and a maximum load capacity of 250/500 watts, you can just imagine what the new Transpuls is capable of.
The brute technology is concealed in a full-size housing, which creates a visual bridge between the past and present. Standing exactly one meter tall and measuring 51 cm wide, the Transpuls is aesthetically far removed from the otherwise popular slim column speakers. The stately appearance is enhanced by the dark wood décor and the removable fabric cover in a retro design provides an even more distinctive look - it’s definitely that of a speaker with assertiveness. A discreet base with a solid metal logo visually separates the Transpuls from the ground. Add all of this together and it comes to an impressive 37 kilos per speaker – stability finally demands weight.

Magnat Transpuls 1500
Available from: Beginning of October

Prime One
Magnat sets the benchmark in the Bluetooth speaker segment with its full-blown hi-fi system, namely the Prime One. Two fully-fledged stereo speakers with a 25 mm tweeter dome and 84 mm bass-midrange driver are complemented by a 130 mm bass radiator, which radiates in a "down-firing" configuration and contributes to a clean reproduction of the deep bass range. As is the case for all of Magnat’s speakers, these have also been carefully optimized by utilizing laser measuring technology. In addition, high-quality electronics in the form of the latest generation digital amplifier with its remarkable 100 watt total power rating and integrated DSP are used for frequency response and sound optimization.
Packed in an elegant, minimalist housing, the powerhouse is virtually identical to traditional hi-fi components. Measuring a good 38 cm wide, but only 12 cm high, the Prime One is truly captivating thanks to the contrast between the elegant 10 mm thick solid metal paneling and trendy textile covering around the sturdy MDF housing. Resonance-damping feet separate the Prime One from the ground and, in doing so, ensure an even more sophisticated sound. Music is reproduced via Bluetooth with aptX technology (and is thereby of CD quality) or it can be played optionally via a 3.5 mm jack input. When used in combination with the USB charging socket, this is also ideal for popular voice-recognition assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. To control your music there are 6 large buttons located on the top panel, all of which are naturally also made of cool metal.

Magnat Prime One
Available from: Middle of October

Prime Classic
Magnat is also flexing its muscle with a second speaker in the Bluetooth segment, namely the Prime Classic. The design is clearly aimed at lovers of a retro style: The dark mocca wooden décor with its satin gold controls and details, as well as the chic tweed acoustic fabric, all ensure an authentic classic look. The technology inside, however, is extremely modern. Two full-range speakers that are just shy of 60 mm, a subwoofer and a bass radiator all work together to generate a rich, natural sound pattern, which is aided in no small part by the Klippel measuring technology that has also been applied here. An 80 watt digital amplifier with integrated DSP for sound optimization is the perfect complement to the compact unit. Music is naturally reproduced here via Bluetooth with aptX technology, while an additional AUX connection in a 3.5 mm jack format means you can also play music from a wide range of other sources. The unit is operated intuitively via the controls on the side, as well as, of course, via a smartphone.
Magnat Prime Classic
Available from: Middle of October

MTT 990
The long-awaited MTT 990 from Magnat is the first turntable the company has ever made. The independent construction clearly distinguishes itself from the numerous "me too" products on the market, where every detail has been designed and implemented with great care. The technical highlight is the quartz-controlled direct drive, which avoids the typical problems associated with belt-driven models such as flutter. A second striking detail is the 10-inch tonearm, which minimizes distortion caused by incorrect scan angles. The headshell, which features an SME connection, means you can choose from a wide range of high-quality pick-up systems; the MTT 990, for example, can be supplied with an Audio Technica AT 95E.
All of the technology is accommodated in a timeless, sturdy MDF enclosure with a black high-gloss finish. This has also been optimized to ensure optimum low-resonance properties like the platter, which is made of a special high density polymer, the properties of which resemble the vinyl used for a record, thereby ensuring a homogeneous connection. Details such as the height-adjustable tonearm base and the exclusive internal wiring of the tonearm with cables by Mogami from Japan round-off the audiophile concept of the MTT 990.

Magnat MTT 990
Available from: End of September

SBW 200
Soundbars are the easiest way to help a TV set produce a full and rich sound. This is precisely what Magnat’s new Soundbar SBW 200 fulfills to perfection. The active subwoofer, which provides the right foundation for the sound, is connected wirelessly, meaning it can be set up in a flexible manner without having to worry about any cables. The fact that the SBW 200 can also be controlled via Bluetooth ensures that its sound qualities are not only used when the TV is on, but also for everyday music enjoyment. The soundbar utilizes two full-range stereo systems and two additional bass radiators, which generate a balanced fundamental tonal range, meaning that vocals are reproduced perfectly and that audio effects sound completely authentic. The soundbar’s sturdy and low-resonance MDF housing is also a contributing factor here. Four selectable sound settings optimize the playback of movies, music and speech quality.

Magnat Soundbar SBW 200
Available from: End of September