Outstanding on their own, marvellous when together


Magnat presents two new components for audiophiles: The high-class CD player MCD 750 and the hybrid stereo receiver MR 780 – both of which do a brilliant job on their own as well as when combined. The careful development, construction and choice of materials guarantee audio reproduction of the highest level. Classy design and a maximum of user convenience naturally come along with that. While the MCD 750 focuses on the precise signal sampling, the MR 780 relies on the unique Magnat hybrid principle: Two ECC 81 valves are on duty in the pre-amp while the power amp is driven with 2x 100 Watt by classic transistor amps. A huge selection of possible connections – from Phono-in to Bluetooth® – makes using the MR 780 even more convenient.

No matter if they play music as a duo or on their own, the new Magnat HiFi components will leave a lasting impression: The Pulheim-based company offers two new components – one hybrid stereo receiver and one CD Player – that will get the best out of your CDs and provide perfect sound for your speakers. The valve pre-amp of the MR 780 provides a pleasant, warm sound the transistor power amp makes sure that connected speakers will have enough Watts at their service and the MCD 750 CD player provides the perfect signal from the start.

Maximum precision thanks to the CD player MCD 750
It all begins with the perfect signal sampling. That is why the new CD player Magnat MCD 750 is constructed and developed for maximum precision. From the electric circuits to the lavish mechanical construction all components work hand in hand to ensure the best possible result, The CD drive relies on a Toshiba controller unit and is equipped with an extremely precise and silent loading mechanism. To make sure the data is converted from digital to analogue without loss, a high-class, low-noise Wolfson DA-converter is on duty in the MCD 750. Furthermore, for the perfect signal processing the player features a high-class filter and output stage using extremely low-noise operational amplifiers. If users rather would pass on an unaltered signal, that is always possible via the two digital outputs.

Easy to handle and very flexible
The MCD 750 turns all this sophisticated technology into a maximum of convenience for its users: Besides Audio CDs it even processes formats like MP3 or WMA. The player supports CD text and ID3 tags alike. An easy to read, dimmable, double spaced plain text display shows all relevant information. On top of that the MCD 750 offers all convenience features to be expected on this quality level: The high-class system remote control conveys all commands like repeat, shuffle, track programming and many more. The classy full metal housing as well as the front plate made of brushed Aluminum grant the MCD 750 a stylish and sturdy appearance.

Hybrid construction for great sound and lots of power
The MR 780 follows the unique Magnat hybrid construction, which means the receiver features a combination of valve pre-amp and transistor power-amp. This way the MR 780 can do both: Providing an outstandingly warm audio reproduction and powering connected speakers with lots of reserves for dynamic passages. The pre-amp features two high-class ECC 81 valves. The power amp in discrete design delivers 100 Watt per channel at 4 Ohm. For even better results the voltages have been carefully stabilized for each single circuit. This devotion for the optimization of even the smallest details enable the MR 780 to deliver a truly outstanding HiFi audio reproduction.

Versatile connectivity from vinyl to Bluetooth®
Besides its outstanding performance when it comes to audio amplifying the MR 780 especially excels when it comes to connectivity: Five line level inputs are available as two optical and two coaxial digital inputs. The receiver offers an additional 3.5 mm jack input at the front to conveniently connect mobile sources like smartphones, tablets or hi-res media players. For a wireless connection the MR 780 also offers Bluetooth® 4.0 including aptX. Vinyl-lovers additionally will be excited to learn about the integrated phono pre-amp for MM record players. On top of all these inputs the receiver also features a USB-Audio-2.0 connection. A highendish Wolfson D/A converter is in charge of transferring all digital signals into analogue format at rates up to 24 bits / 192 kHz.

Integrated DAB(+) tuner, high-class display, classy housing
Even without any external source, the MR 780 already offers lots of entertainment on its own: The integrated DAB/DAB+ digital tuner provides radio broadcast reception in the best possible quality. Additionally, a classic FM tuner is included as well. RDS, radio text and any other relevant information is shown on the easy to read, double spaced plain text display which blends harmonically into the classy front plate made of brushed Aluminum. The rest of the housing is – like with the MCD 750 – made of massive metal.

A powerful combination for an outstanding HiFi experience
Magnat presents an equally powerful and compact solution with its new combination of high-class CD player MCD 750 and hybrid stereo receiver MR 780. Audiophiles will greatly appreciate the warm valve sound, lavish performance reserves of the power-amp and perfect signal conversion.
MCD 750 and MR 780 are outstanding products whether they play on their own or as a duo. Perfectly matched acoustically and optically, these HiFi components are now available online and in stores in the colour black.