Perfect stereo HiFi experience


HiFi fans have been waiting for this since IFA 2017: The new Magnat speakers of the Signature 1100 series are available now! With the two new models Signature 1105 and 1109 the Audio experts from Pulheim near Cologne present two new high-end floor-standing speakers that set a new benchmark. The Magnat special high-end ceramic-aluminium sandwich-cones for the first time now work together with a dedicated super-tweeter module. This way the Signature 1100 speakers can play music in frequencies up to 55,000 Hertz and receive the coveted Hi-Res-Audio certificate on top. High-class components inside the speakers and a classy silk-mat finish in black or white as well as integrated stands complete the premium package.

They were first presented on at IFA 2017 and now they are available for audiophiles to try them out at home: The new floor-standing speakers Magnat Signature 1105 and 1109 are available now. Decades of experience and a true passion for sound are at the heart of these speakers. Unique Magnat technology as well as carefully selected materials guarantee an outstanding audio reproduction across all genres.

No compromise: State-of-the-art technology for the Signature 1100 series
For the Signature 1100 series Magnat only relies on the most sophisticated technology and materials. That is why for the Signature 1105 and the slightly larger 1109 Magnat ceramic-aluminium-cones are used for the midrange drivers and woofers. The special mix of materials provides the perfect internal damping and maximum rigidity. On top of that, the “Controlled Flexing Cone” technology limits the emission of bending waves in the upper midrange frequencies. The spaciously ventilated aluminium speaker cradles reliably prevent compression effects and turbulence. Additionally, a low-distortion magnet system featuring an optimized stray field works as a drive unit.

Super-tweeter with Hi-Res-Audio certification
The Signature 1100 do not only set new benchmarks in the reproduction of midrange and deep frequencies but also for their tweeter performance: A specially developed tweeter-module combines two fmax-Signature-tweeters to play back frequencies of up to 55,000 Hertz! This module consists of a 30 mm dome tweeter with long-throw-drive and wide surround for a perfect coupling with the midrange frequencies. Additionally a 20 mm super-tweeter is capable of reproducing the very highest frequencies. Based on this module, both speakers of the new Signature 1100 series fulfil the strict requirements of a Hi-Res-Audio certification, which guarantees the reproduction of music titles with a wide frequency range. This way an even more comprehensive, precise and detailed play back of music becomes possible.

Perfect teamwork of carefully selected components
The woofer, midrange driver and tweeter module of the Signature 1100 series can only perform at the very highest levels because they work hand in hand with other carefully selected components. The frequency switch, for example, relies on the trusted Magnat APOC technology featuring audiophile coils and PP capacitors. The cabling inside the speakers also meets highest standards and the option for bi-wiring/bi-amping will make hifi fans rejoice. Cable bridges for single-amping operation are pre-installed and speaker cables are connected safely in any case thanks to the sturdy, large, encapsulated terminals. Even high-end, large diameter cables can be connected easily.

Magnat Signature 1105: High-end hifi in a compact size
The Magnat Signature 1105 relies only on high-end components and covers a frequency range from 22 to 55,000 Hertz. This is due to the combination of a total of 4 chassis: One 200 mm woofer, a 170 mm midrange driver and two tweeters (1x 30 mm and 1x 20 mm). Despite this impressive equipment, the 3.5-way bassreflex speaker comes in an surprisingly compact size: The height of the floor standing speaker is only 108 centimetres including its foot. This way it offers true audiophile hifi sound even for smaller living rooms. With a capacity of 200 / 350 Watts (RMS / maximum) the Signature can be perfectly combined with high-class amplifiers. Its housing is made of reinforced MDF panels and comes in a classy silk-mat finish (black and white are available). The MSRP including VAT is 1,299.00 euro per piece.

Magnat Signature 1109: High-end hifi 4-way bassreflex speaker
Magnat signature 1109 has been developed as a no-compromise hifi speaker and relies on the same components as the Signature 1105. The larger version, however, additionally features a second 200 mm woofer allowing the speaker to cover an impressive frequency range of 20 to 55,000 Hz. The 4-way bassreflex speaker can cope with a power input of 300/550 Watts (RMS/maximum) and weigh more than 40 kilograms. This is – besides other factors – due to the reinforced and acoustically optimized MDF panels of the housing. Further improvements of the sound can be done individually via the integrated height-adjustable stands. Magnat Signature 1109 is available now in stores and online in the colours silk-mat black and silk-mat white. The MSRP including VAT is 1,999.00 euro per piece.